Monday, October 7, 2013

In London-town

I saw that caption today on a picture of Sherlock and Dr. Watson meeting in the street.  I thought it was apropos  for today.

Just a few bits about our day...

Pretty light coming through the trees walking through a park
an unconventional London phone booth
Pictures of Big Ben from all angles because it's just so lovely to look at
The River Thames
The London Eye
A conventional London phone booth
Great Scotland Yard!!
Sherlock Holmes
Fish and Chips (I swallowed a bone!)
King's Cross
The National Gallery
Lots of Walking
Lots of Tube-Riding

It's been just wonderful to be here again, to walk in some of the same places as our last visit and feel a little more confident about where we're going.  KJ had some really good conversation with a young pastor, and I enjoyed listening.  The weather is perfect.  My feet hurt, and the 20,000 steps we walked made my small toenail bleed, but other than that all is very well tonight. Tomorrow  morning we will head north to Cumbria.  It was a fun day in London, and we are thankful for many providences along the way, including actually making our flight here!  Sadly, I think a lot of other people missed the flight with all the rain in Atlanta yesterday, but we benefited by getting to lie down across the empty rows to sleep, and we know adequate sleep made this day better than it would have been otherwise.

Also of note, I realized today how much KJ truly loved me when he paid 2 pounds 10 pence for a refill on my Diet Coke, free refills at the pub.


  1. I know- I hated not getting refills! So fun to have been to some of the places you pictured. Yall have a wonderful trip. Keep pics coming!

  2. So sorry about your toe! So thankful you made it & for the other Providential smiles along the way thus far. So glad my brother is taking care of his bride. :)