Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Recovering + Octobers Past

I like it when autumn arrives, and instead of shutting out the intense heat of summer with my kitchen shades, I open them up and let the light in.  It's really beautiful out there this morning, a faint blue sky and fluffy clouds holding on to a pale pink color.  I can even see hints of autumn color on the trees in the distance! 

Yesterday morning started off just the same, except for around 8:15  Ella woke up unable to breathe in deeply.  She was making horrible noises, so I put her in a hot shower and let the steam open her up a little and calm her down while I hurriedly dressed.  We rushed off to the pediatrician's office by 9 a.m.  

Thankfully, this morning, after 4 days of running a fever, Ella's temperature is normal, and I think the medicine is helping, because her voice doesn't sound quite as hoarse.  It was quite the exciting start to our week.  I'm thankful for my mom who came over to be with James (and washed and folded laundry!).  If by some miracle my little guy can keep from catching Ella's germs, we might be home-free to enjoy fall festivities this week.  I hope so!

Speaking of fall festivities, I started thinking back to the first time Ella went trick-or-treating.  James was less than a month old, and it was one of those things where we just said, "Hey, it's Halloween, I think  Ella would get a big kick out of walking around the neighborhood getting candy."  So we hurriedly dressed her in her favorite attire that year, the Cinderella costume gifted her by Hillary.  I don't think she knew what was going on, but what fun!

She was such a pretty princess, with her fair golden curls.  

For the next two years we never spent any money, just the same, "Hey, Ella, go put on one of your costumes, and we'll get free candy!"


(same costume)

Now last year was another matter entirely.  She knew enough from past years to look forward to planning a costume and wore a different one at every event we attended.  
That picture will remain one of my favorites for all time.  I love those kids, and I'm thankful that it's looking like my little princess/Spider-girl will be up to joining the costumed fun again this year.


  1. Be still my heart. Those are cute kiddos. Even if I do say so myself. Do you remember the night you wore your ballet type shoes sliding around the neighborhood.:O

    1. Yes, I do remember! I was thinking about that this morning. I felt so pretty in your pink silk dress, though. :)