Monday, June 10, 2013

Moving Up

Remember Ella's first day of gymnastics last June?  I do.

I'm proud to say she was promoted to Level 2 , and she had her first 2-hour lesson on Thursday.  She has grown in skill, bravery, and confidence since her first lesson last year. 


I was especially proud of her for this next set of pictures.  There were days where she refused to jump from this stand, feet first and front-facing.  I was impressed that she overcame her hesitancy and went off backwards and upside-down.

She may end up braver than her mother.

Her class only had three little girls in it last week, so in two hours that gave them a lot of time to practice each exercise.  

  Backward Rolls

They came and stood right under me to practice jumps, and I had my long lens on the camera, so it made for some fun close-ups, though not perfect in focus since the lighting is dim, and my longest lens is manually focused.  Here's her 360 jump, though I'm sure there must be a more technical name for it.

What a cutie.  She learned a new backwards roll, but I think she wants to share about it on her blog.  In her words, "This isn't a promise, but I may write a blog post about gymnastics." 


  1. Way to go, Ella!

    I do remember that first day, and I am so proud of her accomplishments & bravery. What a natural!

    She's DEFINITELY braver than her aunt! At least this one . . .

    I love her blog quote, and I hope she does :)


  2. She hasn't made good on it yet. We shall see... :)