Friday, June 21, 2013

Franco Fridays: Church + The Eiffel Tower

Our Sunday morning with Emmanuel International Church was such a blessing and encouragement in so many ways.  This was our first full day of meeting people--adults and teenagers--and it really is amazing the instant connection you have because of Christ.

Seth led the music for the service, KJ read the Scripture, and we partook of the Lord's Supper together.  I'm sure there were a combination of things at work in my heart to make that service so sweet to me.  I think a small part of it was just being able to be fully in tune with every part, which doesn't happen when you're in mommy-mode and in the process of training little ones in sitting still in church.  But the bigger part, was just the work of the Spirit in making the truth that Jesus died for me so big and real and wonderful to my heart that morning.

After being introduced in the second service as well, most of us went to youth Sunday School, where Parker graciously gave up his chair for KJ.  He prepared his students for Lord of the Rings references, and, of course, KJ didn't disappoint in that regard.  They flow so naturally from his tongue.  I've gotten to where I can sense them coming ahead of time.  I love that man.

Sunday School was followed by an outdoor lunch with some members of the church.  It was an absolutely amazing day, so we were able to dine al fresco

During lunch we tried to figure out the American equivalent to saying, "Bon Appetit," before eating.  The best we could come up with for the south would be, "Let's eat!" or "Dig in!"  But, every meal isn't as celebrated and enjoyed in America like it is in France, I don't think.

After lunch our team and a few other church members went into Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, as well as to observe Parker in action with the guys who were selling trinkets in the area.  Part of our mission was to try to connect these men from India and Bangladesh with Christians in Paris who spoke their languages.  

The first up close sight of la tour Eiffel required the taking of many pictures, of course.

It makes me feel happy just looking at all those tulips again.

And now, my friends, if you don't have a clear idea of what the Eiffel Tower looks like up-close, I can't do anything for ya.  


  1. Wow, Lynn! Completely amazing. I can't believe you guys were really there.