Friday, June 30, 2017

June: A Good Halfway Point

June 2 - A Lovely Walk with a Friend

June 3 - I've been enjoying lots of asparagus this month.

June 4 - What James thinks of freshly-squeezed apple juice

June 5 - More packaging that made me laugh - I'm not used to the word slaughtered on my beef.

June 6 - Pretty, fuzzy peaches

June 7 - Beautiful Morning Walk near the Barley Field

June 8 - Baking with Ella

June 9 - Little Boy Playing

June 10 - More Summer Fruit

June 11 - A Very Southern Sunday Meal

June 12 - Summery Kebabs

June 13 -  Aquarium Field Trip with James

June 14 - Hot weather meant a cool after-school treat for the kids.

June 15 - Picking Strawberries in the Back Garden

June 17 - A Funfetti Cake for Father's Day

June 18 - A Sunny Sunday Performance

June 19 - Such a fun charity shop find

June 20 - Wildflowers, Barley, and the Devil's Arrows

June 21 - a 10:12 p.m. Summer Sky

June 22 - She's always working on a project.

June 23 - Backyard Bounty

June 24 - Country Church Foyer

June 25 - Beautiful staircase at Beningbrough Hall (Can you believe a soldier rode his horse down it when he was billeted here during WWII?)

June 26 - Andy Griffith and Crafting at the end of a Monday

June 27 - It feels like the perfect summer read for me. (It's one of my book club's picks, and I'll be excited to discuss it with Yorkshire ladies.)

June 28 - Copied from my She Reads Truth Romans study book

June 29 - How much do I love this?  So much.

June 30 - Getting 4th of July Ready  (How cute is this infographic for the national anthem?)

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