Tuesday, June 27, 2017


One of the fun parts of having visitors is getting to explore a new place together.  When K.J.'s parents came over in March, K.J. planned a little family history exploration.  He's been volunteering at our local North Yorkshire library this year, and one perk of that is having free access to online ancestry records.  You might be interested to know that according to some research, K.J. can trace the Pugh family history to Welsh kings who supposedly were descended from Anna of Arimethea.  You know, Joseph's daughter.  😏  I'm unconvinced about that.

On the more accurate and reasonable side of things, K.J. was able to trace his family line back to the Pugh who left Wales for the new world in about 1660, immigrating to what is now Pennsylvania.  And that is cool enough for us.

We made our way to the town of Dolgellau (which of course is not pronounced the way it's spelled) with a stop in Conwy (pronounced Con-way) to explore the amazing castle there.

It is a very cool, impressive castle built by Edward I in the 1280s.  

There were some stunning views from the towers.

I loved the stained glass window with the couplet:

At the altar they heard estuary birds
cry over the kiss of salt and river water.

It's a perfect and beautiful description of the place.

After we explored the castle, T and I did a quick little walk through the town.  I love ducking into charity shops.  You see so much of the stuff life is made of that way.  Plus, as they say, One man's trash is another man's treasure.  And it's just delightful looking at all the colorful doors.

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