Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Weekend Fun: A Quick Trip to the Seaside

"Let's go to the beach!"

Those sort of spontaneous declarations were the kind I made in college, the sort of spontaneity that I cast aside for a few years when there were nursing babies and napping schedules, the kind that gets cast aside because there are always more jobs around the house that need doing.  It's the kind of spontaneity that comes back now that the kids are more flexible and the forecast says sun, sun, sun with not a cloud in sight for a 9-hour stretch.

Ella and I were all in amazement at shorts, flip-flops, and the feeling of warmth on our skin.

I also love how different a place the seaside in North Yorkshire is to Alabama beaches.  I like that we have such a creative God, no two beaches the same, all distinct with their own kind of beauty.  In North Yorkshire it's ocean, cliffs, open farmland all in a row.

I think it's somewhat of a travesty in England to go to the seaside and not eat fish and chips.  We brought our own sandwiches.

Side note:  James looking down on the village by the sea said, "People are lucky.  They live at the beach."  

We were in a more sheltered bay area so the wind was not quite strong enough to keep our kite afloat long.  But James sure enjoyed trying.

I've never seen a tractor launch a boat before.

Today may be the hottest day of the year in North Yorkshire, and I'm feeling slightly regretful of having the kids in school all week.  It would be such a great field trip day!  But there is packing to do, and I'm thankful we had the gift of a spontaneous beach evening on Saturday night.

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  1. Oh, what beautiful photos!! It looks like you spent a wonderful day. What village is this? It looks like every British seaside town I've ever seen in movies or TV. (As you said yesterday, all the Agatha Christie movies!) :) Thank you for sharing!!