Sunday, July 3, 2016


June sure was a quick one!  I remain thankful for those little cameras we carry in our pockets all the time now that help mark the moments on these days that seem to slip away so rapidly.

June 1 - We were still visiting with the de la Hoydes, being shown around their new town in France.

June 2 - I promised a euro to the person who spotted the Eiffel Tower first.  Ella won the contest by spying it above the trees while we were at the Arc de Triomphe.

June 3 - It's just such a good place to take a photo.

June 4 - Ella got a great souvenir in her Parisian Happy Meal.  Did I mention that we ate at every McDonald's between Yorkshire and Paris?  Because I think we did. 

June 5 - James got very into taking pictures on our vacation, which was fun for me to watch, but I also ended up bending over a lot like this so he could take a picture with my camera still safely around my neck.  It's a little too expensive for me to want him to run off with it.

June 6 - Fountain right outside our friend Parker's apartment where we stayed

June 7 - We had about one hour to wonder around Bruges, Belgium before boarding the ferry back to Yorkshire.  The sun came out, and it was around 70 and felt amazing for the first time in several days.
James immediately went in search of shade, which doesn't bode well for our August in Alabama.

June 8 - I saw a warm sunrise over the North Sea when I woke around 5 a.m.  I laughed when by the time we reached the coast of England there was a cloudy wet mist in its place.

June 9 - It was a school night, but when the thermometer reaches 70 in North Yorkshire you seize the summer moment and get out the waterhose.

June 10 - "I came back from vacation and went straight to school."

June 12 - Boroughbridge wishes the queen a happy birthday!

June 14 - Every now and again I come across these type of things in the grocery store, and it makes me smile.

June 15 - We discovered that staring into a butterflies eyes was a little creepy.

June 17 - We released our butterflies into the wild of our back garden.  I thought of the dream Father Tim has in the Mitford books, "Go, and be as the butterfly."

June 18 - We were out doing some shopping the day before Father's Day and had to make a stop at a craft table to make Father's Day cards.

June 19 - James decided to begin reading his Bible aloud to us, which I thought was really great.  But when he read the end of Genesis 2 to me this week, "And Adam knew his wife Eve..." I suddenly remembered how there were many parts of the Bible I wasn't ready to discuss with my 6-year-old yet. Good thing he's taking it slowly.

June 20 - I noticed this phenomenon last year:  The entire day can be gray and overcast, but around 7 p.m. it's all, "Hello, this is the most beautiful place on the planet, isn't it?"

June 21 - Dinner with friends - The boys are obviously shy about showing their faces.

June 22 - 8:20 p.m. - There's that evening sunshine after the rain again.  I'm always hanging out the skylight at night.

June 23 - I took a cute two-year-old to the bakery for a treat.  She picked out shortbread almost as big as her head.

June 24 - An early July 4th celebration with Americans living in the area.  I always wanted to jump on one of these trampolines with bungee cords, and Ella got to do it for free.

June 25 - Horses in a field of buttercups feels like quintessential English summer to me.

June 27 - I've always wanted to take a picture of this door in the wall and never stop when I'm jogging.  Since I was just walking on this day I took advantage of the opportunity.

June 28 - Sometimes words and phrases we don't use in Alabama catch my eye.

June 29 - Daddy to the diorama rescue

June 30 - Morning Hugs

And now onward into July!

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