Thursday, August 11, 2016


Though we are eleven days into August, I don't want to miss highlighting July.

July 1 - A Homeschool Morning

Both the kids were quietly reading on this Friday morning, which is one of my favorite things.  I was thrilled when Ella started to enjoy reading chapter books around this age, and I'm thrilled that James is loving it as well.  I may even be even more happy to see that a love of reading and a love of playing games can coexist for him.

July 2 - Driving in the Dales

On this Saturday morning we were driving to a gathering of evangelical churches in North Yorkshire for a "Family Day."  It was in a town I'd never been to before, and of course it was a lovely drive.

July 3 - Watership Down

Now this is a crazy photo, right?  KJ went out for a walk around 9 p.m. on this Sunday night because it was such a pleasant evening and stumbled upon all the rabbits hanging out in the field with the standing stones from 2500 BC.

July 4 - Creamy Lemon Basil Potato Salad

This is the second July 4th I've made this recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  Why stop a good thing? I loved how festive this photo looked.

July 5 - Warm Glowing Sunset over the Devil's Arrows

I was inspired by KJ's evening walk to go on my own little ramble.  It's good to take advantage of that lovely 9-10 p.m. summer light.

July 6 - My Man

July 8 - Sunset from the Skylight

July 9 - Jonty Turns One!

July 11 - Hydrangea Blooms

After being reduced to only two sticks through the winter I was happy last spring's gift from Mama T came back to life.

July 12 - Castle Exploring

July 13 - School Morning Rush

July 14 - Yorkshire Fields

July 15 - Cool Braid Styles by Poppy

July 16 - Kite-Flying at Runswick Bay

July 17 - Snapshot of a 6-year-old's Shelf

July 18 - Summertime comes to Boroughbridge

July 19 - Growing Lambs

July 20 - After School Playing

July 21 - Just Taking a little Rest

July 22 - Reunited Friends

July 23 - Waiting for the Train

July 24 - Waiting for a Plane

July 25 - America

July 26 - Slip n' Slide (Tragedy Awaited)

July 28 - Water Park Fun

July 29 - Welcome home, soldier.

July 30 - School Supplies!

July 31 - Engaged!


  1. I absolutely love the Watership Down photo!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Beth! I hope you and your family are having a good summer.