Monday, March 28, 2016

Sutton Bank

I know it's the day after Easter, and it's officially springtime, but I fell behind on editing pictures of our outings and wanted to put them on the blog for memory's sake.  So...rewind to February 15 and a drive up to Sutton Bank.

This is our second winter in Boroughbridge, and what we've experienced so far is that being in a bit of a valley means that places all around us will get snow while we may only see a few flurries.  A friend showed us how to look at the traffic camera pictures of the county that update every 10 seconds online.  We saw where there was snow and mapped out a route from there.  It's actually a pretty sweet deal.  We can drive up into the hills and enjoy the snow then come safely back down to our snow-free town.

We were able to borrow a sledge from another friend, which made it a magical experience for the kids.

It was such a beautiful, beautiful day.

The snow was just right for snowballs, and everything was so still and quiet.  We arrived before the masses came with their dogs and sleds.

And "The Finest View in England"

You can see for several miles on a clear day.

And it was a really good thing we stopped for a snowball fight because a couple came up behind us carrying KJ's phone that must have fallen out of his pocket while he was bent over pushing the sledge.  That could have had a much sadder ending.  James had to get out and push after that.

We had two more stops on our journey that day, but this will do for now.  I'm taking baby steps.

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