Monday, March 14, 2016

Chasing Waterfalls

The last day we had with my parents we went driving into the Yorkshire Dales again, hoping to avoid rain.  My dad loves to photograph waterfalls, so KJ had done some research (of course!) and had a route planned.  Our first stop included this sheep who was very worked up about something.

Our boots were sinking deep into the muck of two weeks of rain in that grass.

One of my favorite assignments to give Ella that she enjoys as well, is to send her on a photo scavenger hunt.  I made a list of things for her to look for on our journey.  I think she's capturing a newly formed stream running through the grass toward the river.

My mom and I love all that green, green moss.

After walking around a bit we drove to Burnsall, which KJ told us was supposed to be one of the most picturesque villages in the Dales.  It really couldn't be more nicely situated if it tried.

There was a bit of snow and a lot of mist on the hilltops.

I loved the naked trees in the mist on the horizon.  They're so very winter-y.

We ate our sandwiches at the top of the hill overlooking the village, listening to the sound of the schoolchildren playing in the yard below.  It would be such a nice, quiet place to live.  Can you imagine that being your view everyday?

It was also a nice place to eat your cookies B.P. bought at the bakery that morning.

The village store was closed.  I didn't notice last year how quiet and closed a lot of things are around here in January.  It makes complete sense.  I guess we just didn't try to go anywhere last January!

As we continued our drive further up and further in the clouds cleared, and we saw the sun.  It's so amazing what a difference the light makes on a landscape!  The Dales are beautiful in the mist, but they are breathtaking when the sun shines on them.  I was hanging out the window snapping pictures. Below you'll see my dream house.  I'll try not to think about how cold it probably is in winter.

Our final stop was in Wensleydale, which in these photos just looks wild and otherworldly to me. One fun thing about this stop was that we'd been there almost a year previously when Matt and Seth came to visit.  They were our first visitors, and it was fun to see something familiar.

This was probably the moment I wondered to myself why we didn't make this drive more often.  It's just so incredibly beautiful!

Just look at that place.

We rushed home in the sunshine to get Ella back in time for her ballet class, passing Castle Bolton on the way.  Someday we'll make it inside there.  I always take a good look around when we pass it and think about how these are the views Mary, Queen of Scots had during her imprisonment there. We love this land of long ago history.


  1. Goodness. There's a view to paint in every direction!

    1. Absolutely! What sort of painting do you do?

    2. I'm a watercolorist. I love to paint plain air, although I am mostly a studio painter. :)

    3. If you want to see some of my work, my site is I love to paint God's creation!