Friday, March 4, 2016

February Days

I'm a few days late with our February round-up.  It has been a week of sickness at our house, and I've only left home twice since Sunday...on both occasions I drove to the doctor's office, or to the surgery as they say here.  I'm hopeful for a brighter outlook by the weekend!

February 1 - A Morning Rainbow

February 2 - The Amazing Rainbow Cloud

February 3 - Cinnamon Roll Bundt Cake for Book Club

February 4 - Ella as Hermione at Ripon Library's Harry Potter Book Night Event
(I filled up that bag with so many old books to make it as realistic as possible.)

February 5 - Early Signs of Spring at the School Gate

February 6 - Afternoon Reading Break 
We tried to take as many of those as possible during the cold days.  

February 7 - My February Reading and Tea Drinking Spot
I read so much less in 2015, which was understandable as we were settling in to life in a new place, but I've been intentional about making time for it in 2016, and it's made me very happy.

February 8 - Rainbow over Boroughbridge
KJ grabbed my camera and took this picture for me while I was out taking Ella to ballet.  He's thoughtful like that.

February 9 - Pancake Day is a tradition my kids can get behind.

February 10 - In my Instagram Feed
We all have those days we'd like to go off to explore all of space and time, right?

February 11 - Stopped in at the bakery for a treat, James is sad he has to wait until after supper for his oversized cookie.

February 12 - Crocuses in the Sunshine

February 13 - Imaginative Chatter Walking back from the Park

February 14 - Amazingly Big Snow Clouds

February 15 - Amazing Snow Day

February 16 - Play Date

February 17 - Rainy Day Play

February 18 - God's Own County

February 22 - Stitch by Stitch

February 23 - Sometimes the warmest spot to read is by the bathroom radiator.

February 25 - Dinner Prep

February 26 - Chamomile & Honey Tea, or I Have a Cough, Vol. 2

February 27 - Saturday Lunch in a Bookstore 

February 28 - Sunday Snuggles

February 29 - Boys Only Adventure Afternoon

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