Monday, February 1, 2016

January Days

Ah, January.  This January was really good.  With my parents here we didn't experience a new year letdown.  We used the first 11 days of the month exploring Yorkshire as best we could with lots of rain and flooding.  We also enjoyed lots of cozy days at home with them.  And maybe it's because December especially was so busy, but January felt so nice.  It felt like we caught a nice rhythm of work and rest, going out and staying at home.  There were several days this month where I didn't even take a picture, which is shocking, I know.  

January 1 - Celebrating KJ with his first angel food cake in over a year

January 2 - A little game of chess between B.P. and James

January 3 - Visiting Ripon Cathedral with B.P. and Debbo in the rain

January 4 - Climbing the York Minster Tower with my Dad

January 5 - Showing Mom and Dad Kirby Hill Church

January 6 - Taking pictures of old barns for my Mom

January 7 - Visiting Haworth with my Mom and the more charming way to say "Closed"

January 8 - Ella's Baking Project with Debbo

January 9 - Visiting Richmond Castle

January 10 - Puzzling

January 11 - Wondering why we don't drive to Wensleydale more often

January 12 - The End of a Visit - We did pretty well!

January 13 - View from Zumba Class

January 14 - Making Fun Hot Chocolate for Ella and a Friend

January 15 - Happy Birthday to Me!

January 16 - I love it when James uses his imagination.

January 17 - Daddy Daughter Date

January 19 - Because tomatoes on lettuce are such pretty contrasting colors

January 20 - Morning Sun, a bit of a rarity in January this year

January 21 - A Cold and Frosty Morning

January 23 - Evening Walk

January 25 - Just the right amount of Health and Indulgence

January 29 - Enjoying the new Conservatory Layout and the flowers my mom bought

January 30 - Saturday Afternoon Sewing and Netflix Break (a novelty for daytime hours, thus the picture)

January 31 - Spent last night coughing through my sleep, but you know, "Tough is my middle name."

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