Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fountains Abbey with BP and Debbo

In the slow moments I want to take the time to go through pictures of the two weeks we had with my parents.  

On New Year's Eve we drove over for a walk around Fountains Abbey, and in the hopes of seeing some of the deer we went in the back entrance.  We've never started from the back before with guests so my parents first sight of the abbey was from the "Surprise View" up at the top of a hill, which is of course, the best view in our opinion.

We were really pleased to spot some of the herd while walking near the woods.  This was as far as my telephoto lens would reach, but my dad was able to get closer.  We had so few sunny moments over the Christmas holidays that I was surprised the deer were choosing the shade.

Ella and James made the grandparents close their eyes and led them by the hand when we arrived at the surprise view.  It really is worth the anticipation.

I snapped the above picture in a hurry when the birds rose up together to fly to another perch.  I love it when they do that.

The day before we had visited the World of James Herriot in Thirsk, and James insisted he needed this little notepad with cows on the front where he could write notes about different animals he saw. True to his intent he carried this notebook around drawing pictures and writing notes about dogs, pheasants, deer, etc.  It was pretty cute.

See?  I wasn't lying about the copious note-taking.  He was so diligent in his purpose that KJ relented from making him pay for the notepad with his own money.  He decided it was 2 pounds well spent.

It's about a 5 mile loop when you walk the whole thing.  My toes were cold by the end.  We did a quick drive-through the Ripon McDonalds for lunch and coffee, dropped everyone off at home, and then KJ and I drove quickly back to Ripon where we made it just in time for the 2:30 showing of Star Wars.  And by just in time we walked into a pitch black theater, having no idea whether we were at the front or the back during that small space before the:  STAR WARS!!  That's always the most thrilling part, isn't it?

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