Saturday, January 30, 2016

Christmas Day

We really enjoyed the adventure of having Christmas away from home this year.  Of course there are so many wonderful things about being home for Christmas, but it was really nice enjoying the simplicity of being in a place where you only brought the things you needed for a couple of days. There was just the right amount of food to cook, just the right amount of toys to play with, and no other jobs calling to be done.  It was peaceful and nice.  Also, we don't have our television hooked up here (mostly because the place to do that on the back of our TV was broken), so we enjoyed being plugged in to the world of the BBC for Christmas, watching Christmas movies and Christmas specials, and of course, the Queen's speech.

KJ did a little research before we left on a few different walks and good views near where we were staying so after presents and breakfast we got dressed and headed out for a drive.  Driving around mountain roads brings back good memories from my childhood.

I love that misty, magical fog!

How about that place for a magical Scottish getaway?  

And this backdrop for those great cows.

And this sign?  It is the best farewell ever, Haste ye back!

The water droplets clinging to the trees was beautiful.

The kids were pleasant.

The weather was cold but not too cold, and without a harsh wind blowing, it was comfortable enough to take off our heavy coats for some family pictures.  We weren't in the prettiest spot as far as the dead grass around us, but there was a snowy mountain in the background, and the kids were cooperative so we were happy with our little homemade family photoshoot.

Ella laughs at me for always kissing KJ when we get a silly shot.  This is fair.  I don't know how to make silly faces, and I am self-conscious about trying.

At this point the kids were ready to go back to the hotel pool, but then KJ saw the path to a viewing point he really wanted to walk up and see.  James cried, and only my age and slightly higher maturity levels kept me from doing the same at the thought of getting out of the car again after getting in and out so many times.  The view was worth it, though.

I loved seeing the different layers of clouds hovering over the mountain.

The most exciting thing for me happened as we were walking back down the hill toward the car.  I was lagging behind, being extra careful about slipping on the rocks or in the mud.  I really didn't want to end up with a bruised rear end.  Earlier that morning when we were in our room I had glimpsed a robin on our balcony, but he flew away before I could get to my camera.  I really associate the robin with Christmas and especially an English Christmas, and I thought to myself how fun it would be to get a nice wintery photograph of one that day.

I heard a fluttering noise in the brush and stopped to look and listen, and in what felt like an especially providential kindness saw this happy fella.

I couldn't believe it.  It was like a little secret Christmas wish come true.  And then he so kindly flew a little closer where I had a clearer view.  Thank you, Mr. Robin.  Thank you, God.

He struck a pose before he flew away.

And then of course, our Christmas lived happily ever after with the kids in the heated pool, my walking on the treadmill and watching Brave, and the finale of Downton Abbey that night after the kids were tucked away in bed.  It was a happy Christmas.

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  1. The family photo shoot, the robin . . . I needed to see and read this today. Giving thanks it was such a "happy Christmas" for you precious four. You are so loved.