Friday, January 15, 2016

34 Memorable Moments in My 34th Year

1.  Birthday Book Tour for my 33rd Birthday

I died from the cuteness of this shop the first time I saw it, and I still love to go inside when I get the chance for the atmosphere alone.

2.  Watching my family build a snowman in the gently falling snow in front of a thousand year        old abbey

3.  Receiving a box of American snack food from home

We appreciated the love and thoughtfulness behind the act of sending so very much in our first months here.

4.  The slow and beautiful moments captured

5.  First Visitors from Home Love

6.  The Sweetest People who Love Me

We're just huddled around the radiator for warmth.

7.  The Sight of the Familiar in the Midst of Change

8.  Easter Sunday lunch with our Church Family

9.  The Sunshine in the Month of April

The new green leaves on the Willow trees were so beautiful, and the Easter holidays were such a treat of sunshine.

10.  Watching Lambs be Born!

Oh, my goodness, this was so fantastic.

11.  Spring Blossoms

The short dark days of winter at such a northern latitude just make the spring that much better.

12.  May Day

These pictures of Ella will be some of my favorites forever.

13.  Fancy Tea at Betty's with T and Ella

14.  11 Years Married Date Night

15.  Trip to Costco with this darling and her mama 

Crushed ice and free refills forever.

16.  First Organic Fruit and Veg Box

After finding a slug on my plate of unwashed lettuce I decided that being a thorough washer of produce from now on was a very good idea.  

17.  Finally understanding the song Fields of Gold

18.  Sharing London Town with the Kids

19.  A Few Stolen Hours with Family

Everybody dance now.

20.  Unexpected bathroom break at a castle

21.  Last Moments before a Big Move

22. Impromptu Family Photo at Castle Howard

Thanks Bill Jones!

23.  Watching Sibling Love

24.  A Book Booth to end a Lovely Day

25.  Beautiful Evening Walks with Friends on Long Summer Days

27.  Chill bumps on my legs but still the most gorgeous day at the seaside

28.  Being late for the first day of school, somehow it working out alright

29.  A Glorious Autumn

30.  Best Autumn Family Vacay

31.  Thanksgiving

32.  A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

33.  Christmas Decorating with Family

34.  Family Adventures

Like Clarence told George Bailey, "See George?  You really had a wonderful life."

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