Thursday, July 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Betty's with T and Ella

I know it's been a month since they've left, but I've got to record these memories for our family!

All of my pictures from our Afternoon Tea were taken with my iPhone, because after being sick the first part of KJ's parents' visit, I was ready to relax and enjoy myself and not tote my heavy camera around. Betty's is one of those famous places in Yorkshire (and beyond, I'm sure!) that I hadn't been to yet, but I knew it would be the perfect place for the girls to do something traditionally and beautifully English.  In looking up that link for you I saw the home page said they delivered all of those beautiful treats right to your door.  I shouldn't have seen that.

Ella ordered this beautiful hot chocolate that she didn't end up loving because it was dark chocolate and being young she prefers milk chocolate, of course.  I helped her finish it off because I am a helpful mother.

Really, could it be any lovelier?  All of the tea accoutrements are real silver, and the little milk jug is chilled, and the sugar cubes are huge in comparison to the size of the teacups, so your tea is extra sweet if you choose to use one.

Happiness is being presented with pastries for lunch because your grandmother is visiting, and it's a special occasion.  I am really missing all of the different braids Ella wore while T was in town.

Both T and I ordered the afternoon tea, which we ate from the bottom up.  There was an egg salad sandwich, ham, chicken, and I can't quite remember the fourth.  Then that scone with bread and jam, which was divine.  It ended on a gorgeous high note with fruit tart, a macaron, and some sort of chocolate dessert.  When I reached up to take off the "Betty's" sign, I thought it would be a little plastic d├ęcor, but no, it was chocolate.  That was a fun surprise.

There are a few different locations you can visit Betty's, and the one we went to overlooks Harlow Carr Gardens.  After our repast we really enjoyed our time in the garden center, and T bought me some lovely flowers and plants, which so far I'm managing to keep alive.

I hope I manage to keep the hydrangea alive through the winter, because it was the most beautiful plant.  It was a girls' day out to remember.

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