Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Dance Lesson

Ella has always been a dancer.  She likes to hear me tell the story of me being at a youth camp when I was pregnant with her, and as soon as the loud booming music started playing as it always does at youth camps, she started moving around like crazy inside of me. 

She's done a lot of free-style dancing in the living room with KJ, danced along with Fred Astaire and Shirley Temple movies, and she's always paid close attention to any ballet instruction Aunt Katie passed along.  I captured a sweet moment of her teaching Aunt Katie the polka step when we met them in London.

T has always loved watching Katie dance, so I knew she would love having a chance to watch Ella at a ballet lesson, and Mrs. Claire was so kind to comply.  The added bonus was me getting to sit in on a lesson and take pictures, which I hadn't done before, and I loved watching my girl dance, too.

The tap was so, so fun to watch.  I only wish I could dance.

Part of the fun of dance was having a good friend to dance with, and Ella is really going to miss Elsa when lessons start back in September.  I'm sure I will miss giggling girls belting out songs from Frozen on the drive there after school.

I love this shot of all these ballet feet.


I was sad about leaving behind Ella's wonderful gymnastics coaches back home, but I've been really happy she's had a chance to have some proper dance instruction.  She really enjoys it and has learned quickly.  Now I just need to practice my braiding skills so I can make her hair look as lovely as T did!


  1. She's lovely! I did ballet all through elementary and high school and miss it so much, so these pictures are so nice to look at for me :) She has beautiful lines and form!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I think she has lovely form, too, but I've never been a dancer, so my opinion isn't completely to be trusted. ;)