Thursday, April 30, 2015

Our First Lambing, a video

One of the things I looked forward to about the spring in North Yorkshire was seeing all of the lambs out in the fields.  There came a point this spring when I was afraid I had missed out, but then there was a week where almost every day brought the opportunity of seeing and photographing these little spring miracles. 

One evening about three weeks ago now we made plans with a lady in our church to visit her neighbors' barn where they had several lambs born that week.  It had been a really cloudy, yucky day, but that evening the sun burst out from behind the clouds, and it was so lovely.  In addition to the surprise of the weather turning so nice we got the surprising news that there was a sheep in labor in the field that needed checking on, and would we like to come along on the off chance we got to see a lamb being born? 

KJ and I were excited; the kids were less certain. 

It was such a surreal experience for us to be there in that sunny field at seven o'clock in the evening.  We just kept looking at each other and smiling because 8 years ago we drove back and forth to our little church in rural Kentucky, laughing over James Herriot books, and then there we were, right in his own backyard watching lambing in a Yorkshire field.  Life is full of surprising twists.

Just a little flashback to when we visited
Yorkshire in our imaginations on Sundays
I took a lot of pictures (of course) and thought a video would be a more pleasant way to share them.  In an effort to save myself time I let my video editing program put them together on its own (thus all the lens flare).   I thought it did a pretty good job except for the video footage at the end feeling long.  I hope you enjoy our first lambing experience! 

I couldn't get the video to embed properly for some reason, so if you like you can watch the video HERE.

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