Friday, April 24, 2015

Franco Fridays: Chatelet and Luxembourg Gardens

Our last day of ministry in Paris started with meeting church planter, Jason Procopio, hearing his story, and visiting this area of Paris with over 100,000 people and as far as was known, no evangelical church.  For my Alabama friends, Tuscaloosa had 95,000 people registered in the 2013 census. This number could be wrong, but a quick Google search brings up 58 Baptist churches in Tuscaloosa, and that's just one denomination.  There is a lot of work to be done in cities like Paris.

We were all greatly encouraged by hearing Jason's story, and as we did a re-cap of the week with our team several people mentioned it as being a highlight.

This is where the new church was meeting when we visited in June.

Last summer Parker was working with a group of students from Texas, and later that afternoon we joined their weekly meeting discussing church-planting in cities.  We were the loud Americans in the midst of such scenes as these.

I think KJ Pugh would enjoy this avenue of meeting people, playing chess in Luxembourg Gardens.

It was great to get to know these students during the week and get a glimpse of Parker's life and ministry in Paris.  The incredible thing these days is that we get to continue getting to know lots of this group through Facebook.

Au revoir, Paris. 

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