Friday, April 10, 2015

Franco Fridays: A Day in One Post

Monday morning in Paris started with breakfast at Angelina's to satisfy the tourist in us, and then we hit the streets again to give out information about the Punjabi Church and to connect Bengali people with Bengali Christians in Paris.

It was a really beautiful day, and we did a lot of walking, snapping pictures as we went of course.  I remember noticing in particular how bright and shining the gold on the bridge was that afternoon.

It's always good to see Winston.

And the trees were so green and lovely hanging over the avenues.

We intended to have some free time in the afternoon, but everything we tried to do didn't seem to work out due to various museums being closed on random days of the week and a concert that night in one of the churches we wanted to visit.  More walking ensued, and finally I think KJ and I ended up in a Starbucks on la Boulevard St. Michel where I may have actually fallen asleep with my head on a table.  Keep in mind that this was day 10 for us of traveling.

For dinner that night we met several young adults from Emmanuel and some friends we met at Polyglot, and how about that, I summarized a day in one post.  I tried to only pull out the best or most important of the pictures I took that day instead of posting every single one.  We'll call that improvement.

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