Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Day of the Sunflowers

About 10 days ago I noticed that a sunflower field had seemingly sprung up overnight down the street from our house.  I knew I wanted to take some pictures of the kids there, and I knew I'd have to act quickly.  We hadn't had much rain recently, and with the sun beating down hot and fierce I knew it wouldn't be long before those flowers withered.

There's absolutely no shade from the sun in this field, so the perfect time for pictures would be later in the day when the sun was low in the sky, but last Tuesday it so happened that all the cousins on KJ's side were together, and we had evening plans so it was a carpe diem kind of decision.  If we wanted pictures of the kids in the sunflower patch it would have to be during the hottest part of the day in an Alabama August.

The kids were pretty excited to be in a field of sunflowers for the first 5 minutes.

But of course it's always an adventure to try to take a group picture of 7 children, especially when they're sweating, and their little cheeks start to get flushed.

I was happy to get one picture of everyone looking toward the camera.  Those sweet children were troopers.  James' progression of facial expressions makes me laugh.  Karis is also starting to look unhappy.

We gave one last ditch effort to get everyone excited.

But this little photography adventure was over.

And sadly, it ended with my sweet girl stepping in an ant bed.  She was very brave, and she just "happened" to have brought along her bottle of Benadryl in her backpack that day, so we gave thanks for the way God cared for her in her thinking to put that in her bag.  I rushed her home to a warm bath, and she made it through, poor girl.

And those sunflowers were drooping a couple of days later and were pretty dried up before we finally got some good rain over the weekend, so I'm glad we seized the day.

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