Monday, June 2, 2014

Saturday Funday

Our friends and neighbors across the street invited us to go on a fun outing with them on Saturday to celebrate their son's graduation from preschool.  James loves to play with Blake, and we had no idea what a fun place was just 45 minutes up the road from our house.

It was just the right size of having plenty to do and enjoy but not so big that you are terrified of losing a child.  It was really pleasant and fun, a perfect Saturday outing.

All the kids were brave and tried new things, mainly water slides.  We were really proud of Ella for attempting the big ones.  She ended up going down the red one 15 times by her calculations.

The boys really enjoyed the smaller water slide and working on their tans.

We had so much fun, and James has already asked this morning to go back.

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