Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthdays and Babies

We jumped into the weekend a little early with a birthday celebration with the Kameron Pugh family on Thursday.  We had some more good visiting time with them on Friday, followed by an impromptu (almost) Spring walk in the sunshine and a frozen yogurt treat.  After Ella's first bite of brownie batter frozen yogurt, topped with chocolate chips and chocolate sprinkles, "We should do this all the time."  Well, yes, a world of frozen yogurt every day would be quite nice, dear.

 Cousins Watching TV

Of course we had to take lots of pictures of the newest addition to the family.  Three months is the sweetest age.

I can barely handle how cute she is.

She was by far the cutest little part of our weekend. 


  1. the more pugh babies that arrive the prettier thay get,,,,

  2. Oh, Lynn! These pictures are "SO SWEET" (to quote Claire :)).
    What a gift to see a peek at a mini family reunion. We can't wait to be a part of all of the fun.
    Eden is A-DORABLE!

    1. We're so excited about your impending arrival!