Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday's Memories: John Newton's Church

After walking through Orchard Side, we walked around the block to the church at Olney where John Newton served as cleric and where he and his wife are now buried.  It was a beautiful day, and a wedding ceremony had just finished taking place.  A vintage car, along with a driver, waited for the bride and groom out front, while the happy crowd stood in the church grounds talking.  The front yard of the church was a little pasture, complete with two friendly, grazing ponies.  I think there was a sign instructing us not to feed them.

If I remember correctly, Newton's remains were removed from the later parish he served in London because of flooding in the graveyard there, or something along those lines.

 an inscription I often heard quoted
 view from Newton's grave at the back of the churchyard

I have to love a parish church known for its Pancake Race.  I have no idea what that is, but it is so delightfully British.

 I really love British pulpits.

His pulpit is not used anymore, but it is kept safely in the back of the church, along with Newton's original gravestone.  

I took this picture of the left side of the church, because a lady there told us during Newton's and Cowper's time there was a balcony there, where Cowper sat during Sunday services.

Across the street, the vicarage where Newton lived still stands.  Can you imagine living in a house that old?  I bet it's wonderful inside...and maybe requires a lot of upkeep.
And that concludes our trip to Olney.  Our trip was almost over, and we drove back to Povey's Cross, to the Holiday Inn Express, returned our rental car, and checked in to the hotel.  I was absolutely starving and craving a hot meal after a diet full of deli sandwiches.  My husband obliged, even though the hotel restaurant prices were ridiculous, of course.  Also ridiculous?  Having to pay extra to use the internet.  It still bugs me to be taken advantage of just because you're a hotel near the airport, and guests have  no choice.

So, one last full and very long day in London, and then this recap will be finished...15 months later.  

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