Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas-y Things

Ever since our first married Christmas together, KJ and I have had a penchant for opening at least one gift early.  We just get excited and can't help ourselves, and it was especially fun that first year, because we were all, "We're adults, and this is our house, and we can do whatever we want!!"  We were high on freedom.  

KJ came home from work one night this past week and said, "I think I want to sit down and talk about the best gift God gave us and let the kids each open a present."

But he was man enough to confess his ulterior motive.

He was so excited about putting this together with James.  He's been waiting for years for LEGO to make Lord of the Rings products.  

Movie night was pretty appealing, too.

P.S.  Have you ever seen such dilated pupils in your life??

As you can see, the white of my right eye was nice and red, and I had to make my first visit to the eye doctor.  I'm happy to say my 20/20 vision is still going strong.  My mother tells me I have ten more years to enjoy it.  And there wasn't anything seriously wrong with my eye.  It looks a lot better.   

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