Wednesday, March 15, 2017

North Yorkshire Loveliness

It's been feeling more and more like spring lately, and the warmer temperatures, sunshine, and blossoms (not to mention the baby bunnies in the field!) are really lifting my spirits.  

We really do love the closer relationship we have with the outdoors living in the country.  We don't have to try hard to spend enjoyable time outside.  Of course, we also miss the convenience of the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru, but life is full of trade-offs. (How did we communicate without emojis?  I am finding it so hard not to insert a winky-face at the end of that sentence to show that I meant that as a kind of joke.)  The times, the times.

We can all identify so many more types of flowers than we could have in our previous life.  There's no excuse not to learn them when the returning bulbs come up and fill every roadside and wooded area with snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, and bluebells.  Flowers are definitely dominating my Instagram feed right now.

The downside to all these blossoms may be starting to show its head with James's runny nose I noticed last night.  We move from colds to allergies around here.

All the baby bunnies!!!

The way they fly through the field makes it look like a lot of fun being a rabbit.  I took this picture shortly before a man and his dog came along, at which point they all scattered into their burrows and refused to come out again.

And last but not least in a tour of the North Yorkshire springtime, the lambs are back!  This little one was fresh out of the womb.  We happened along just after his mother gave birth, and I was convinced she had another one coming, but we never saw it happen.

"The world looks like something 
God had just imagined 
for his own pleasure, doesn't it?"
- Anne, from Anne of Green Gables - 

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