Friday, March 31, 2017

March Gladness

March 1 - Morning Birdwatching

March 2 - Beautiful day in the Yorkshire Dales

March 3 - Before Picture (time to paint the foyer)

March 4 - the toy aisle at Asda (a supermarket owned by Wal-Mart, so it feels a lot like home)

March 5 - After Picture with fresh white paint

March 6 - I always find just what I need in the charity shop.  This time, a nice full-sized mirror!

March 8 - Writing in his diary

March 9 - Evening Walk

March 10 - I love homeschool so much.

March 11 - Getting ready for Guests!

March 12 - First daisy of the Year

March 13 - Blossoms, blossoms, blossoms

March 14 - Evening Walk with Seth and Lua

March 15 - Getting excited about our other guests coming!

March 16 - King James

March 17 - Special Treat from Home (She ate it in 2 weeks.)

March 18 - Beautiful Bride

March 19 - American friends LOOOVE fish and chips.

March 20 - Some Target Dollar Spot love from my sister-in-law

March 21 - in front of the York Minster

March 22 - Teaching Big Daddy a new game before school

March 23 - My Love and I

March 24 - Beautiful Wales, Beautiful Family

March 25 - View from our Condo

March 26 - Sunny Sunday at Maypole Practice

March 27 - Tea-Drinking, Homework-ing, Andy Griffith watching

March 28 - Chair-Recovering Project Complete

March 29 - Good-Byes and Scary Drawings by James

March 30 - The Pink Way of Delight

March 31 - that time of year when you're glad you stocked up on off-brand Claritin

It was such a fun and full month with the last couple of days being very quiet as we get our house in order again.  Now all I need to do is come up with a good April Fool's prank for tomorrow...

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