Monday, October 31, 2016

31 Days in October

This is a wrap on the Write 31 Days project this year.  Whew!  I didn't quite manage every day, but I hope you enjoyed the little peek into what our life in Boroughbridge is like.  I missed doing a September monthly round-up, but I wanted to close out this month with a picture-a-day in October.

October 1 - Chocolate Chip Birthday Pancakes for James!

October 2 - Found a few pumpkins and ripe apples at Beningbrough Hall

October 3 - I picked up this Pumpkin Spice Extract at Wal-Mart when I was home.  I apologize for the pumpkin obsession.

October 4 - Trying on their new scarves from the Target Dollar Spot

October 5 - Candy Blue October Sky

October 6 - Finally found the vintage suitcases of my dreams to make a bedside table

October 7 - Grocery store flowers never looked so good.

October 8 - Beautiful York

October 9 - A Couldn't be Prettier Sunday Afternoon

October 10 - Ella and I made Pumpkin Muffins, and surprisingly, EVERYONE loved them.

October 11 - There's always a surprise in the vegetable box.

October 12 - Evening Walk in Boroughbridge

October 13 - For awhile, the prettiest stretch of Autumn color was on the road to pick up the kids from school.

October 14 - Afternoon trip to the Library to pay overdue fines

October 15 - The autumn sunshine outside the outlet mall was the best part of that shopping experience.

October 16 - Our neighbor gave us a big bag of apples, so Ella and I made an Apple and Pear Pie.  

October 17 - It's hard to tell, but these squash I saw by the side of the road one morning were a foot long easily.

October 18 - Here I go with the pumpkins again...

October 19 - Double Rainbow After School

October 20 - Hot Chocolate from the Hairdresser :)

October 22 - Golden Leaves

October 23 - The shapes and colors are so pretty.

October 25 - Put 'em to work.

October 26 - Toys 'R Us in England carries sonic screwdrivers.

October 27 - Penguins in the Wild

October 28 - Family Bowling Night

October 29 - Hermione!

October 30 - Down Time

October 31 - Late Afternoon Light

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