Friday, June 17, 2016

Franco Fridays: Days with the Dels

It's been nearly a year since our friends the de la Hoyde family moved to France, and we were all excited about reuniting for a few days.  It rained and rained almost the entire time of our visit, but we didn't really mind it at all.  It made a good backdrop for slowly sipping hot drinks and long conversations in the kitchen in the midst of all the work they needed to do and taking kids to and from school.  

I decided to put together a brief little video of our time together, mostly because the video clips really capture the energy of our kids when they're all together.  As far as video quality goes, I made a mistake cutting out the music during a clip of Del speaking, but I really like the end, even though the parting ends in a few tears.  Tears are good because they mean love, and we love these dear friends.