Thursday, June 9, 2016

{Almost} a Picture a Day in May

May 1 - Precious Little Feet, growing bigger every day

May 2 - Sunny evening at Maypole practice

May 3 - Pretty Carrots from the Veg Box

May 4 - Longer days mean pretty evening light in the conservatory.

May 5 - Bubbles in the Backyard before Bed 

May 6 - He still fits in the baby seat.  I'm not sure for how much longer!

May 7 - Pink Spring Flowers, White Spring Lambs

May 8 - Pink Flowers, take 2

May 9 - Ella and I watched a YouTube tutorial and practiced using her watercolor pencils.  It was so much fun!  Best of all, Ella was convinced I had good watercolor skills, which really means something to me because she definitely has artistic genes that I do not!

May 10 - More Spring Flowers (It's hard to get tired of these.)

May 11 - This is our first spring living in this house, so we're discovering what's been planted in the past as it springs up each week.

May 12 - I've noticed that not all spring leaves are green here.  

May 13 - This girl wants to do things by herself in the kitchen lately, and I confess I find it hard to stop trying to do things for her.  It feels like such a discipline to let her do it when I know I can do it faster.  

May 14 - Toothless Boy at the Playground

May 15 - Tamsin teaching James about rocks - He started a rock collection, and it was great to have a friend who could tell him all about how they were formed!

May 16 - Our caterpillars arrived.  They should be appearing as Painted Ladies soon!

May 17 - I saw so many early mornings in the month of May.  Here's to a little more sleep in June.

May 18 - With KJ's help, I designed this printable with one of Anne's most famous quotes.  I'm thinking we could do a whole series of quotes from books.  I love his sketches.

May 19 - Ella-Girl singing in the school choir's Spring Concert

May 20 - Ella picked these beautiful "weeds" out of the back garden for me.  They very persistently pop up in the grass immediately after having been cut.

May 22 - Between Ella's stomach virus and various church engagements, it was a stay-in anniversary celebration for us.  I'm actually a big fan of stay-in anniversary celebrations, though.

May 23 - Getting into bed at 9:30 and thinking it was 8 p.m. because of how light the sky still is.

May 25 - Ella's Chalkboard Art Celebrating our Journey

May 26 - Naps in the Car Forever

May 27 - The time I ordered a hamburger at a McDonalds in Germany and didn't eat it

May 28 - Sitting in the shade, waiting on Dad, because it was 68 degrees, and we started to sweat, and it was such an unfamiliar sensation to our bodies now acclimatized to English weather

May 29 - These two friends had such a lovely time together.  Four days wasn't enough.

May 30 - Kisses in the Kitchen

May 31 - Taco Tuesday with kids who get REALLY excited about Taco Tuesday


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    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I really loved it, too. :)

  2. I love these photos. I was just commenting to my husband that every time I open one of your posts I want to go there and PAINT! And then I scrolled down to find your daughter's watercolor. :) So sweet!!!

    1. It is a beautiful place to live if you love painting or drawing or photography...or even just walking! :)

    2. It sure looks like it! I've been to England several times but never to that part. :)