Saturday, June 20, 2015

KJ Takes the Wheel (or the camera, in this instance)

Continuing on with pictures from our week with KJ's parents...

On Tuesday I was still running a fever and had a sore throat, and it just seemed better to take it easy and rest a bit.  The kids took Big Daddy and T on a walk around town, and T went on the hunt for some flowers for our back garden.  There were probably a couple of trips made to the hardware store (one of my favorite establishments).

It did seem a shame to spend the entire day at home, though, because the weather was sunny and perfect.  KJ took everyone (minus me) out to Newby Hall in the late afternoon and took lots of pictures so I wouldn't completely miss out.  I think they had a really lovely time.

They arrived just in time to go on the guided tour of the house (which I have yet to do) and then just enjoyed the vast and amazing gardens, one of which is a memorial garden where there are signs requesting you to be quiet.  Ella and James complied cheerfully it seems.

KJ captured the flowers in honor of my absence.

He also made sure to take some pictures of sheep for me.  He knows what I like.

And then, of course, they got some playtime in because Newby Hall does have some of the best play areas I've ever seen.

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