Friday, June 12, 2015

A Picture a Day in May

There has been a lot of activity for the Pugh family since I last posted, and even though we are almost halfway through June (!!) I didn't want to neglect the daily pictures from May, which was a slightly drearier month than April but held lots of fun things nonetheless.  I did decide to let my collages go because the pictures were too small to enjoy.

May 2 - Spring Telephone Booth Style

May 3 - walking home from Kids Club on what was obviously a lovely evening

May 4 - walking in the Dales with friends and neighbors - Next time bring your wellies.

May 5 - Teamstart Concert

May 6 - Rain

May 7 - Sunny with a Chance of Bubbles

May 9 - Town Fete, coffee from the back of a car

May 10 - May Day, and we couldn't pass up the golden fields

May 11 - Reading Dr. Seuss in the waiting room, the beginning of a 5-day virus (excellent reading!)

May 12 - sick day coloring

May 13 - Sunny Day (walking back and forth to the pharmacy for sick supplies)

May 14 - All the things you need when you're sick:  toys, coloring book, remote control, pillows

May 15 - Ella at Bible Club

May 16 - A Package from Home, Roll Tide!

May 17 - Celebrating a birthday at Newby Hall

May 18 - sunset walk home

May 19 - Ella's cross-stitching project

May 20 - Big Bubbles

May 21 - Mother-Son Date at McDonalds

May 22 - Anniversary Date Night (He's really come out of his shell in 11 years. ;) )

May 23 - Birthday Party

May 24 - Grandparents!

May 25 - A Merry Crew

May 26 - An Afternoon in the Gardens

May 27 - Put your father-in-law to work in your garden day

May 28 - A lovely spot in the Woods

May 29 - Which amazing pastry do I eat first?

May 30 - It's the only way to travel.

May 31 - There's no one I'd rather be with than you.

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