Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuscaloosa Tuesdays: Last Wednesday Night Bible Study

I still have a handful of pictures from Tuscaloosa before we moved.  Last things.  It kind of hurts my heart to think about the last days.  Life there was really good, and life here is really good, but the part in the middle is a little hard to think about, because good-byes are never easy.

I'm not really sure if Hillary will appreciate this shot of her, but it has to be remembered how she left her husband for several days to come stay with us, sleep a few last nights on the couch where she and David watched movie after movie while falling in love, and go through each and every toy the kids owned asking, "Is this going or staying?"  She is a GEM.

This was KJ's last Wednesday night to teach these guys and gals, and it was the first Wednesday night of the combining of two college ministries into one body.  It was bittersweet and also exciting.

When we came to Tuscaloosa "college minister" was not on KJ's new job description.  But when circumstances put him in the position to teach every Wednesday night, God was so kind, because the students he brought into our lives still make our hearts burst with joy.  There was a time where the Wednesday night Bible Study consisted of KJ and one lone college guy eating burgers at Wendy's and talking about a passage of Scripture. And then out of that time came a season of 40 or more gathered in a room every Wednesday.  They are such a blessing to us. 

And because of them I think one of my biggest take-aways from ministry in Tuscaloosa is that you never know what ministry among which people will be the place that bears fruit.  These guys were our unexpected blessing, full of fervor and passion for Jesus, full of laughter and love for one another, and they were free babysitters, the best free babysitters ever.  Our kids would plead for us to go on date nights so they might have the pleasure of their company.

I think he was probably saying something like, "I'm glad to be with you here...at the end of all things."  Because it wouldn't be a Wednesday night Bible study without a few choice Lord of the Rings quotes.


  1. Thanks for starting this post off right! That photo is great.

  2. Haha. I'm glad you appreciated it. :)