Sunday, February 1, 2015


There were many items we needed to replace or update once we moved, but of all the items, I'm so appreciative of my new phone, not for it's abilities to be used as an actual phone, of course, but for its camera. 

I downloaded this little project 365 calendar this morning, and without even knowing I'd want them, I had a picture for all but 6 days, and KJ's phone filled in two of the days I was missing.  I love that this template had a place to write down what you're looking at because all of these little things can so easily slip from our minds. 

A friend in our church invited me to join some other ladies for dinner a couple of weeks ago, one of whom was celebrating an 80-something birthday.  She was sharing about how her mother had always kept a journal with her and jotted down the things they did each day and how special that was to her, and she was musing that no one did that anymore.  If the Internet and my external harddrives can hold out, maybe Ella will enjoy these records one day.

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