Monday, December 5, 2016

November Days

It's the beginning of December, and we've already had our first taste of Christmas lights and Santa Claus, but I'm taking a moment to savor and record November as per usual at the beginning of the month.

November 1 - Raking the Leaves and Picking Up Rocks
This proved to be a good way to get the kids outside on homeschool days and also made our back garden look nicer.  November is the month of fading light, so we paid special attention to that evening sun.

November 3 - Autumn Drives

November 4 - Rainbow over the Moors
This incredible view is on the way to the kids' school, and when you're running early and catch a glimpse of what looks like a rainbow halfway painted on the horizon you pull over to take a picture.

It was probably pouring rain five minutes later.  North Yorkshire is crazy like that.

November 5 - Remembering the 5th of November
I just love this girl so much.

November 6 - Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

November 7 - Ballet Stretching
Ella has a list of stretches to work on during the week for her ballet class.  Ella's giving James some instructions on how to join in here.

November 8 - Golden Leaves Outside our House

November 9 - Unexpected Snow Day
Waking up to a winter wonderland in early November was the best kind of surprise.

November 10 - After School Sun

November 11 - The yellow leaves have been glorious this year.

November 12 - Feeding a cat while her family was away...she got a bit lonely and needed a good head scratch.

November 13 - Christmasy Wander with Christmasy Drinks

November 15 - Playground Fun

November 16 - Rainbow over Arkendale

November 17 - I was chatting with friends waiting for the kids to get out of school when someone pointed out a rainbow behind me over the school yard.  November really is a month of rainbows.

November 18 - Friday night fun with Friends
A nearby city recently got a Domino's Pizza that delivers to Boroughbridge.  This is cause for celebration.

November 19 - Pizza Party Hosted in part as a thank you to a friend with the right tools for hanging curtains.
We were so thankful.  Curtains at last!

November 20 - Tap and Theatre Craft Exams

November 21 - New pajamas from Great-Gramma Lister

November 22 - Friends!  And Christmas Bookshop Windows!

November 23 - School Mornings

November 24 - Thanksgiving Preparations

November 25 - Afternoon School Run
It's basically night time when we drive home from school now.

November 26 - Thanksgiving 

November 27 - Leftovers Quesadilla Style

November 28 - Chasin' Waterfalls

November 29 - Exploring York
We love showing our friends around!

November 30 - Sunset on the Block

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