Friday, April 1, 2016

March Madness Round-Up

This is obviously not a post about basketball, just a picture a day of what life looked like in March 2016.  As best I can remember it looked like a lot of sick days!

March 1 - These little evidences of children being in the house make me smile when I come upon them.

March 3 - Ella's Pla-Doh creation perfectly describes the first week of the month.

March 4 - Chocolate Chip Cookies for the sickly ones

March 5 - We got some much-needed fresh air on a little phone booth book tour fun around the surrounding villages.

March 6 - Last day with a fever, last day hanging out in our pajamas and dressing gowns

March 7 - A picture while she's eating because she's so beautiful to me.

March 8 - Some days it's not good to check the weather back home.

March 10 - First Lamb Sighting of the season

March 12 - Welcome, sweet springtime.

March 13 - The Black Bull was just looking nice in the sunshine on this Sunday morning.

March 14 - Some days you feel really aware that you won't find the Barbie dolls laid out on the bed forever.

March 15 - Loving Star Wars, however, is just beginning.

March 16 - Days like this are the best.

March 17 - Since I bought the paint 6 months ago, it was time to make good on personalizing Ella's room.

March 18 - Close your eyes, and it will all be over faster.

March 19 - She was pretty thrilled with the work going on in her room.

March 22 - His self-designated "Reading Area"

March 23 - After 6 months living in this house I finally figured out how to set the oven clock.  It was surprisingly simple once I set my mind to it.  It reminds you how silly it is to put off doing some things.

March 24 - While I was in bed sick, the kids took over the living room.

March 25 - Little Lambs

March 26 - Our first time dying brown eggs.  The colors were really beautiful!

March 27 - Watching the skipping doesn't get old.

March 29 - Finished painting and hanging pictures

March 30 - We've really had some beautiful days this week.

March 31 - First Day back at the Newby Hall Rock Garden