Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fleeting Days

Everybody says that it all goes by so fast, and I am discovering that they're not lying.  It all goes by so fast.

Every precious, wild and crazy day--even the days that seem like they'll never be over--they all go by so quickly.  

Last month I took the kids down to visit my Papa for the last time.  I have so many memories in South Alabama.  Some pretty important life events happened for me there...like my birth, for instance, and I met KJ there.  It always makes me happy to share places that hold special memories for me with my children, so we took a few hours to spend some time at the beach on the first day of April.  Sometimes I dread the extreme heat and humidity of a South Alabama summer, but on the flip side, Spring comes early, and you can splash in the ocean on April 1.  But only if you're 7-years-old.  I thought the water was entirely too cold for swimming, but my little water sprite insisted it felt just the same as it did when we were there in July.

We had a really pleasant day soaking in the sun, enjoying the breeze, and we made some fun memories when a kind-hearted gentleman gave the kids some bread to feed the birds.  We also put down some Goldfish that got sand in the bag.  There was a lot of laughter watching them rush for the prize.

March and April flew by, and one week into May I've been reminded by a friend and "mother-figure" of Mary, pondering and treasuring in her heart all that God was doing in and around her, and I'm thinking and praying Psalm 90:

"...teach us to number our days,
that we may present to You a heart of wisdom."

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